GroovaRoo with Shelby

GroovaRoo Shelby logo-2BWI Olympia sat down with Chapter Support Volunteer Shelby Magnuson to find out more about GroovaRoo! GroovaRoo Dance™ is a babywearing dance class that focuses on bonding with your baby, meeting other caregivers, and having tons of fun laughing and babywearing all while soul-line dancing! It began in San Diego, CA when Amber & Meeshi Anjali combined Amber’s passion for babywearing and Meeshi’s passion for dance. It has since spread across the nation and even across oceans through their teacher training courses. Shelby is currently the only GroovaRoo certified teacher in Washington State and holds classes in the Olympia area.

Why Shelby became a GroovaRoo instructor.
When Shelby found out about GroovaRoo, she knew it was something she wanted to
share with the Olympia area. Shelby moved to Olympia with a 4-month- old baby
knowing absolutely no one. It was very lonely at times (escpecially moving during
the season of never-ending rain) and she desired an opportunity to meet other
caregivers of young children. Many families in the Olympia area move from
elsewhere, and it can be a struggle to build a community. On the other hand, many
people are rooted here, but entering parenthood can be a difficult transition time. It’s
also tough to find something fun indoors to do during Washington’s rainy, cold
season. GroovaRoo is an opportunity to bond with your baby, release stress through
dancing, and build community with other caregivers. Shelby wanted to offer this
opportunity to families in and near Olympia.

19787445_10207420811037414_2649335809038398953_oBesides doing GroovaRoo, who is Shelby?
Shelby lived the majority of her life in Texas. She has a B.S. in Environmental Science and taught middle school and high school science classes before entering into
motherhood. She is currently a stay-at- home-mom and certified GroovaRoo teacher. Her family moved from Texas to Washington in September of 2016 and they
absolutely love Olympia and the PNW! They enjoy hiking together, exploring downtown Oly, eating at food trucks, dreaming of owning a houseboat in the Sound, and dancing together.

Attending GroovaRoo with Shelby:

When did classes start?
After Shelby attended teacher training in San Diego, CA and became certified, classes
began in June of 2017 and are currently on Thursdays from 10-11:15am in
downtown Olympia. Occasional Saturday classes are held in the summer, but come
fall they will be weekly. Current class schedule can be found here.

Do I have to be a skilled dancer to do GroovaRoo?
GroovaRoo Olympia classes are designed so that anyone from beginner to skilled
dancer can enjoy learning soul-line dances and bonding with their baby.

Who may come?20495666_10212762206746645_1389928732_o
Moms, dads, grandparents, and any caregivers are invited to come dance as a family!
If you have older kiddos, they may come and dance with a baby doll carrier or a
scarf can be used to make a “makeshift” baby doll carrier. They may also just sit to
the side and play or watch if preferred.

When can I start?
Pregnant mothers and their partners may begin GroovaRoo while expecting if
permission for exercise is given by a doctor or midwife. Postpartum mothers must
wait 6 weeks for a vaginal birth and 8 weeks for a cesarean birth or until cleared to
resume exercise. Baby must be 6 weeks old even if worn by a caregiver other than
the postpartum mom.

When is my baby too old?
As long as your little worn is comfortable being worn and you are comfortable
dancing while wearing him/her, you may come. It is preferred that baby be on the
front facing in, “heart-to- heart”.

“Groovaroo is such a fun way to connect with other moms, babywearers, dancers! It has allowed me to share my love of dance with my daughters in such an authentic way because it is something we do together. I don’t have childcare options so it has allowed me to reconnect with myself. I lost my own passions in the needs of my children. My firstborn has always been a high needs baby so when I get overwhelmed by motherhood groovaroo is a fantastic way to have fun with my kids while doing something for myself.”

-GroovaRoo participant and BWI Olympia Volunteer Babywearing Educator, Nicole Casada

How do I learn more?
Find GroovaRoo with Shelby on facebook here.
Find GroovaRoo Olympia on facebook here.
Further questions? Check out GroovaRoo with Shelby’s website.
Follow GroovaRoo with Shelby on instagram

Watch for a Special GroovaRoo & BWI Olympia Lending Library Event during International Babywearing Week October 2nd-8th, 2017!

If you are interested in hosting a workshop or class for your playdate, group, or
business near Olympia, please send an email to



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